CBD Muscle Balm Blends & the Power of Botanicals

Botanicals have inspired trends in both medicine and beauty for decades, and it’s easy to see why: the natural approach is thought to be gentler, with fewer side effects or damaging chemical elements. There’s also the benefit of a fuller sensory experience, with many botanical products having attractive and soothing scents.

One of the best ways to indulge in the restorative or energizing benefits of botanicals is through topical application in the form of a balm or lotion. In fact, this is one of the most popular uses of CBD and an effective way of delivering its benefits. A well-made CBD balm may provide relief from daily aches or muscle tension. Our CBD-infused Releaf Balm, made from the finest natural ingredients, is one of our most popular products for a reason. If you’ve never tried it, we’re here to answer your questions and guide you.

What Is CBD Muscle Balm Good for?

A high-quality CBD balm can be an uplifting part of your daily wellness routine. A balm is thicker and richer than a lotion, so you don’t have to use as much to get a deep, moisturizing benefit. Since they have a thicker texture, balms both protect and nourish the skin. Sometimes lower-quality balms can be oily, but the JACANA Releaf CBD Balm has been specially formulated to be absorbed quickly without leaving any greasy residue on your hands. Your CBD balm may help provide relief to soothe muscles, particularly after exercise and strenuous activities.

Whether you consider yourself an athlete or not, a muscle balm may be an excellent way to soothe tired and sore muscles after a workout. In addition, as many of us spend our days sitting at a computer or behind a screen, tight neck, shoulder, and back muscles are common complaints. For those seeking relief, a CBD muscle balm might just be the answer.

Applied directly to the affected area, the balm’s active ingredients can sink through the skin to provide relief to the tight, sore muscles below. Muscle balms are most effective for minor aches and pains in the muscles or joints. As a gentle and usually side-effect-free option, CBD balms may be used daily to help support recovery and offer targeted benefits to the area of the body where they are applied.

Blending Botanicals: Healing Herbs Infused With Full Spectrum CBD

Perfecting the right combination of active ingredients sets our CBD balm apart. We have carefully chosen botanicals that complement the effects of the CBD, amplifying the balm’s effectiveness. Our 100% organic CBD is derived from the hemp plant and, in our full-spectrum balm, it is accompanied by other compounds from the plant that give a superior effect together than each one on its own. These compounds work with the CBD to deliver its soothing effects, elevated by the addition of other botanical ingredients.

Botanicals like eucalyptus, lavender, and white sage have long been used to soothe tired muscles. Some botanicals, like mint, create a cooling effect that can help relax your muscles and ease knots or painful injuries. The choice of which botanical to pair with CBD takes into account each plant’s supportive qualities and their ability to amplify the effects of the CBD to create the most calming effect possible. The Releaf Balm is available in two botanical varieties: cinnamon and nutmeg, and lemongrass.


Lemongrass is a revitalizing botanical known for its fresh scent and delicate flavor. It contains a compound called quercetin, which has been shown to have some antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.* It is the latter that makes it an ideal choice for a CBD muscle balm. As an essential oil, lemongrass may irritate the skin, so it should always be used in the form of a balm or lotion. When applied in a balm, lemongrass aids in stimulating circulation, which can promote recovery. When paired with CBD, it may help ease muscle aches and pain.*

Cinnamon & Nutmeg

Cinnamon and nutmeg have warm, spicy scents that evoke a sense of comfort and healing. They may be more familiar to us for their use in the kitchen, but they are both said to have various health-promoting benefits.

Nutmeg has the added benefit of quieting feelings of anxiety and stress, which can be a source of back and neck pain. Cinnamon is often paired with CBD in oils and balms for their combined ability to promote calmness and a general feeling of well-being. Paired together, they can help to lessen swelling and relieve pain and stiffness in muscles and joints* – the perfect addition to our Releaf Balm.

CBD Balm Side Effects

This is often one of the first questions people ask when it comes to CBD wellness products. The safety of our products is our highest priority. Not only are our botanical ingredients grown on our organic farm in Jamaica, but we also ensure that every batch is thoroughly tested to ensure all of our products deliver exactly what is on the label.

In terms of side effects, they’re unusual and generally mild if they do occur. If you have sensitive skin, you need to be a little extra cautious when trying any topical product, and the same holds true for a CDB muscle balm. Even if your skin isn’t usually sensitive, follow any instructions on the label and do a spot test to check for side effects before you apply the balm to a large area. However, the higher the quality of the ingredients in your balm, the fewer side effects you should experience.

Generally, side effects take the form of skin irritation at the point of application. Itching, redness, or a slight rash are all normal reactions. You may experience some of the general side effects of CBD usage, such as tiredness, but since the dosage is usually much smaller when applied this way, this is much less likely.

JACANA’s All-Natural CBD Balm Blends

At JACANA, we’ve tapped into the power of botanicals to create CBD balms that soothe and revive. Our balms combine the therapeutic benefits of CBD with other hand-picked botanical elements to soothe aches, nourish your skin, and ease tension.*

We combine our signature CBD with a blend of beeswax, vitamin E oil, and other sustainably sourced, natural ingredients to create a nourishing balm perfected by our two botanical scents. Our products are laboratory-tested, cruelty-free, and contain no allergens, ensuring a premium wellness experience every time.

The Jamaican-made, all-natural Releaf Balm is the perfect way to give yourself some gentle self-care. Choose your favorite scent on our online shop – and why not try a few more of our premium CBD products, too? We offer free shipping on all orders over $200 and a painless returns process should you not be satisfied with your order.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.