Elevate your quality of life with JACANA’s botanical wellness products. Enhance your whole, body and soul, with our range of organic wellness products to provide targeted relief, quieten the mind, and lift the spirits.

Let Nature Love You

Experience pure relaxation and well-being with our range of Jamaican botanicals, including USDA Organic CBD to elevate your wellness and provide natural relief to modern day life.

$ 70

1000 mg CBD / 1 oz.

This luscious Balm is designed to ease aches and tension across the body, whether from injury, illness, or the wear and tear of modern life. Using only the finest natural ingredients, this full-spectrum formulation protects, nourishes, and hydrates your skin while providing targeted relief. An uplifting, restorative boost to your daily wellness routine.

* Products currently sold in amber packaging

$ 60

500 mg CBD / 2 fl. oz.

Get ready for the ultimate wind down. Slow down and soothe your aching body with nature’s finest ingredients. Our calming formulation is enhanced with a unique blend of essential oils and soft, tropical grapefruit, leaving you feeling replenished, relaxed, and uplifted.

*Products currently sold in amber packaging

$ 50

750 mg CBD / 5% / 0.5 fl. oz.

This soothing organic CBD oil naturally harmonizes your body’s ecosystem, which helps calm the body and mind during your busy day. This specially crafted formulation is the perfect daily supplement to your self-care routine.

*Products currently sold in amber packaging

$ 40

300 mg CBD / 1 fl. oz.

Slip and slide into something more comfortable. Our all-natural, plant-based CBD lubricant is a bedroom essential designed to soothe and arouse for your ultimate pleasure. Elevate the temperature, Jamaica-style.

*Products currently sold in amber packaging


Elevate your holistic well-being the
natural way, the sustainable way,
the right way.

Our Starter Set is a collection of daily
essentials to supercharge your wellness

1 x Body & Massage Oil

1 x Releaf Balm – Lemongrass

1 x Releaf Balm – Cinnamon &Nutmeg

1 x Lubricant

$ 200