1 fl. oz


Slip (and slide) into something more comfortable. Our all-natural, plant-based lube is a bedroom essential, designed to soothe and arouse for the ultimate pleasure.

Wow. 10/10.
Heightened feelings and arousal. Natural is the only way!
Smooth sensations!
The first lube I’ve tried that is natural and provided no friction for my sensitive parts.

🌿Heightened Sensations: Ignite new dimensions of intimacy and delight. Magnify arousal with our silken smoothed glide.

💚Sweet Spot Focus: Hone in on the sources of pleasure. Our USDA Organic CBDnurture areas that crave a softer touch.

🌱Prolong the Peaks: Extend the euphoria exactly when you want. Our formula helps awaken and sustain thrilling sensations.

🌺Cushioned Care: Pamper delicate zones with nourishing moisture from coconuts. Experience a gentle, comforting barrier against sensitivity.

🌿Au Natural Alchemy: Harmonize certified organic botanicals for romance. Our proprietary blend balances generations of healing wisdom for better sexual energy.

🌿Organic MCT Oil (Coconut): A nourishing ingredient with ideal carrier properties to support other ingredients. High lauric acid to soothe and soften skin, heighten senses and lock in natural moisture.

💚Organic CBD Extract:  Full spectrum benefits from hemp to restore, revitalize and replenish, from day to night. Works in harmony with your body’s natural systems and arouses the senses. 

Free from: Animal Components, Phthalates, Sulphate Detergents, Mineral Oil, Palm Oil, Synthetic Color, Synthetic Fragrance & GMOs. No Animal Testing. No Parabens. Gluten-Free. Vegan-Friendly.

Whether you’re solo, with your main squeeze, in foreplay, or in intercourse, it’s super simple to apply. Simply apply 1-2 onto intimate areas for deeper and smoother enjoyment. Reapply as needed.


Does your Lubricant increase sensitivity?
Yes! There are a multitude of cannabinoid receptors in the intimate area of both women and men. Translation: CBD interacts with these parts of your body to heighten sensitivity and connection, while also promoting the body’s own natural lubrication.
Yes you can, but make sure that the toy is oil-safe. Our Lubricant uses a MCT (coconut) oil base and so ensures that the toy you are using is friendly to our product. For silicone toys, our Lubricant is not recommended as it will lead to degradation of the silicone.
A big no! Our Lubricant is oil-based and not safe with latex condoms. The Lubricant could lead to damaged latex and shouldn’t be combined.
Natural Lubricants containing CBD are safe with few reported side effects. It is recommended to test the lube on a small area of skin before using it during sex to avoid any adverse reactions.
Everybody is unique but it typically takes 15-30 minutes for the formula to kick in and be felt.