Body & Massage Oil

Body & Massage Oil

2 fl. oz.


Calm and soften the body into the ultimate wind down. Our body oil blends Jamaican hemp, and essential oils deliver head-to-toe relaxation, while restoring and revitalizing skin.

Evening ritual.
Soothes my tired legs after a long day on my feet.
Skin transformed.
Skin feels nourished, smooth, and hydrated all day long. My daily pamper!

🌿Melt away tension: Calm the body for a peaceful, soothing mindset. Treat your overworked muscles with nourishing relief. 

💚Relax and unwind: Ignite your senses with invigorating Jamaican botanicals and harness the powers of organic hemp, jojoba, vitamin E and more.

🌱Replenish the body: Quench thirsty skin with beneficial oils and smoothen your skin tone with the ultimate skin pampering.

🌺Pampered luxury: Unwind completely into deep relaxation and lift your spirits with the essence of the Jamaican tropics.

🌿Comfort, guaranteed: A luxurious lather that enhances skin smoothness and leaves your body revitalized for its next challenge. 

💚Organic Bliss: Feel the transformative power of clean, organically grown ingredients. Grown on our farm in Jamaica to nurture your well-being.

🌿Organic MCT Oil (Coconut): A nourishing ingredient with ideal carrier properties to support other ingredients. High lauric acid to soothe and soften skin, and lock in natural moisture.

💚Organic Jojoba Oil: An ideal skin moisturizer due to similarities with skin’s natural sebum, with high vitamin E content, soothing, and restorative properties. 

🌱Organic CBD Extract: Full spectrum benefits from hemp to restore, revitalize and replenish, from day to night. Works in harmony with your body’s natural systems.

🌺Organic Vitamin E: A natural moisturizer with high antioxidants to maintain healthy and beautiful skin. 

🌿Organic Grapefruit Oil: An uplifting aroma that supports skin cleansing and reducing blemishes.

Free from: Animal Components, Phthalates, Sulphate Detergents, Mineral Oil, Palm Oil, Synthetic Color, Synthetic Fragrance & GMOs. No Animal Testing. No Parabens. Gluten-Free. Vegan-Friendly.

A multi-purpose oil that can be used throughout the day for all skin types. Make sure that the skin is clean before using. Apply directly to your skin, use it as the basis for a massage, or mix it into your bath. Repeat as required, focusing on target areas for tension or irritated skin.

Recommended to use immediately after a shower or bath to maximise absorption benefits.



Can I use your Body Oil on my face?
Yes you can, however be aware that facial skin can vary compared to the rest of your body. We recommend trying a small portion of Body Oil.
Our Body Oil is a great choice for conditioning and hydrating the skin. Noticeable effects include skin glow and silky texture.
You can use Body Oil on both skins, but slightly damp skin can be ideal to maximise benefits. That’s why we recommend using it after a shower.
Our Releaf Balm is a richer, deeper texture while the Body Oil feels a lot lighter on the skin. Both combined make a powerful double cleanse duo.
Everyone’s skin is different, but the general rule of thumb is up to 30 minutes.
Body & Massage Oil